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hello world!!

2009-07-11 16:15:55 by TheDude447

I am happy to say I am moving from kongregate to newgrounds. I have posted some songs that should be coming up shortly.....(after their 2 day and counting wait period for being approved) I hope you guys enjoy them and wish me luck. Thx!


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2009-07-21 18:47:46

Newgrounds > Kongregate
Anyways, I'll let myself by the first one (and probably only one) to welcome you to Newgrounds! Feel free to PM me about any Art Portal questions(Cus indeed, it seems that everyone new user has some).

TheDude447 responds:

Hey thx man I'll speak to you if I have any problems.


2010-08-17 20:57:56

Good luck! If you need any ideas, just check out my songs. I noticed one of your songs sounded like drum n-n bass of some sort, so I figured some of mine could help on that. I think it was you 3rd song. Again, just practice, practice, practice!